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For over three decades, the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund has sponsored free legal assistance programs for climate whistleblowers. The Fund’s primary goal is to help connect whistleblowers with private sector attorneys to provide them with leading representation. The Fund accepts intakes from both government and private sector whistleblowers, and reviews cases concerning climate, retaliation, qui tam, and lawsuits filed under the Dodd-Frank Act, among numerous other laws.

Our Attorneys

The Fund contracts with an outside experienced whistleblower law firm whose attorneys are licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia. Attorneys from this law firm review every intake and make all decisions regarding the intakes. This review is conducted free of charge on a pro bono basis. The Trustees of the Fund are not involved, in any way, with the review of intakes and do not make any decisions related to any of the intakes.

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Your communications are secured and sent over 256-bit SSL encryption. Protect your identity and confidentiality, do not use any devices owned or controlled by a private corporation or governmental entity. It is also recommended to protect your online identity by establishing a new email account that does not identify you and to avoid the use of other online platforms that may disclose your identity.

If you’re an oil & gas employee, or work in the timber or coal industry, or a consultant in one of these industries, please use the other Climate Disclosure Intake form below this one.

Climate whistleblowers come to us in a number of different way – as employees, ex-employees, consultants, auditors, and accountants. If you’re an oil & gas employee, or work in the timber or coal industry, please use this form.