To help you understand your rights. The Fund has several resources available to you.

A Handbook for Doing What’s Right

Learn how whistleblowers have saved lives, stopped frauds, protected their jobs, and earned million-dollar rewards for doing the right thing in Rules for Whistleblowers, Stephen Martin Kohn’s seventh book on whistleblowing.

This book is a fully updated and expanded revision of The Whistleblower’s Handbook, the first-ever comprehensive consumer guide to exposing workplace wrongdoing. Kohn’s thirty-seven rules highlight the “traps” facing whistleblowers today and address how to file anonymous cases and qualify for multi-million-dollar rewards. Kohn carefully explains complex rules and laws governing whistleblowing including the Dodd-Frank, IRS, and False Claims Acts, as well as detailed strategies for fighting retaliation. He also covers controversial issues such as taping, removing documents, and ignoring nondisclosure agreements.

Modernized laws have revolutionized the rights of employees both in the United States and internationally, enabling whistleblowers to be paid over $10 billion in rewards for doing the right thing. No employee should blow the whistle without knowing their rights. Too much is at stake.

Rules for Whistleblowers


The author of Rules for Whistleblowers has created an online law library to assist whistleblowers. The library is organized by 37 rules outlined in the book. It includes links to significant cases, major whistleblower laws, relevant legislative histories, administrative regulations, links to appropriate government agencies, and other information all whistleblowers need to know if pursuing a retaliation, qui tam or whistleblower reward case. Rules have information useful for both the private sector and government whistleblowers.


Excellent FAQs, written by the leading whistleblower law experts in the United States, are available on Kohn, Kohn, and Colapinto’s website. Additionally, the National Whistleblower Center has published useful and informative FAQs.


Whistleblower Network News is a free online newspaper serving the whistleblower community.It contains up-to-date information relevant to whistleblowers and those concerns about their protection. It also covers recent legislative and judicial events and decisions that whistleblowers need to be aware of, as the landscape for protecting whistleblowers changes over time.

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