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Mary Jane Wilmoth

Fund Trustee

Mary Jane Wilmoth is an attorney licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia.  She was named a Trustee of the Fund in 1997.   Ms. Wilmoth also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Whistleblower Center.

Ms. Wilmoth started her career as a whistleblower lawyer in 1993, being named the National Whistleblower Center’s first Public Interest Law Fellow.   A highly effective whistleblower attorney, she served as co-counsel in the nuclear whistleblower case Hobby v. Georgia Power Co., where the presiding judge noted Ms. Wilmoth “brought significant specialized knowledge” to the case and “demonstrated skill and experience.” Hobby v. Georgia Power Co., Case No. 90-ERA-30 D&O.

Ms. Wilmoth has advocated for whistleblowers for over thirty years. In addition to her position as an attorney, Ms. Wilmoth developed the NWC and Fund’s internet presence.  She is an editor and publisher of Whistleblower Network News,  and has served as a leader of highly successful public advocacy programs, which have resulted in major legislation and policies advancing whistleblower rights.

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The Fund attorneys manage the Attorney Referral Program on a pro bono basis. But in order to ensure the fairness of the referral process, no intakes are referred to them for representation. If you would like to contact the Trustees of the Fund or the Directors of the National Whistleblower Center, please reach out to them directly. Intakes from international whistleblowers are processed under a separate program.