Disclaimer and Additional Information

Please Read Carefully

The Fund contracts with an outside experienced whistleblower law firm whose attorneys are licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia. Attorneys from this law firm review every intake and make all decisions regarding the intakes. This review is conducted free of charge on a pro bono basis.

The Trustees of the Fund are not involved, in any way, with the assessment of intakes. They do not make any decisions related to any of the intakes. All intake decisions are made by the attorneys with whom the Fund has contracted to process them.

Please understand that you are not being represented until you have a signed representation agreement with an attorney.  You are welcome and encouraged to continue to try to find an attorney while your case is under review. In some cases, the relevant statute of limitations provides a narrow time frame for filing with the appropriate court or agency. Thus, your rights may potentially be foreclosed if your legal filing is delayed.

Some of the attorneys to whom the Fund refers cases have agreed to donate to National Whistleblower Center up to 15% from attorney fees they collect from representing a whistleblower.  This donation must come strictly from the attorney fees obtained by the attorney.  The whistleblower-client cannot be charged for this donation, nor can the amount of a reward obtained by the whistleblower cannot be reduced in any manner based on this donation.  The scope of the obligation to pay this donation is strictly between the attorney and NWC and the Fund.  Under no circumstances whatsoever will any whistleblower be asked to make this donation.

All information submitted to the Fund’s intake site is protected under the attorney-client privilege to the fullest extent permitted under law. When reviewing an intake form and assisting a potential whistleblower in finding counsel, the Fund is not acting as the whistleblower’s attorney.

We work hard to respond to all inquiries on a timely basis. In instances where you expect a response but do not see one in your inbox, please check your “Spam” or “Junk” folder.